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Springtime is always the most beautiful time of the year in the garden, but this year has been exceptional.  The lawn looks better than it ever has before, thanks to a switch to a different service provider for fertilizer and moss control.  The landscaping changes we made last year are coming into their own.  And everything looks healthier than ever.  I suppose this is the payoff for putting up with all the rain.

                These are some shots of the garden in late May 2006

   Azaleas with Japanese maple in the background

      We call this the 'frog pond' even though we don't have frogs.  We've thought of naming our house Toad Hall in honor of the Wind in the Willows, in which case, this would have to be the Toad Pond.

      On the left, a close-up of Manda Sue.  On the right, an azalea bloom - maybe this is a Purple Splendor, but we don't know for sure.

      This is a dwarf rhododendron - complete with a very happy bee doing his spring thing.

  The squirrels drive us nuts!  We have managed to rig the birdfeeders so they can't get into the seed, but they still come around.  At one time, Tom had a campaign to trap them and 'move them to a new zip code' (using a Havaheart humane trap) - he caught 26 of the little rascals.

And here are some new photos that show dramatic changes in the garden in the last seven years. These were taken in May of 2013. Some were taken on May 8th and others on May 21st. Note the differences.

               The southeast corner and cutting garden area - note the orange deciduous azalea in bloom in the later photos

               The front of the house and the north side from the 8th and the front planter and north side from the 21st

               Two views of the patio from the 8th and the patio and back lawn from the 21st

       Rosebud azaleas and white irises over 3 feet tall from the 21st

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