The Hendersons       The Birds in our Garden



Birds in our Garden


               American Gold Finch

                Anna's Hummingbirds stay here for the winter

    Black Capped Chikadee

        Cooper's Hawk - when DB is in the yard ain't nobody else in the yard

        Flicker - with his slender head and long beak he can get at the sunflower seed inside the cage

    House Finch

    Rufous Hummingbird

            The squirrel climbs the pole to try to get seed from the feeders, so I 'grease' the pole. He is shown here  doing his best imitation of a fireman, sliding down the pole - very funny

        Steller's Jay - the perch bar is spring loaded and closes access to the seed when a large bird gets on it, but he never gives up (or learns)

        Black-headed Grossbeak and Evening Grossbeak

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