The Hendersons       2011 Oregon Covered Bridges Tour



  We find covered bridges to be both interesting and, in many cases, beautiful. There are a surprising number of them in Oregon so we took several days away and saw some of them. You can still drive across many of them.

          Most of the bridges have name plaques

The name plaques frequently have the date of construction and sometimes include the construction style.

       This bridge is in a park and you can't drive over it, but it's a beaut


          Notice the additional layer of planks running in the direction of travel

          Goodpasture is one of the longer ones

         Weight limits and other restrictions are commonly posted

      I wonder why Unity has openings on only one side

         A lot of log trucks use Office, so there is a pedestrian walkway on the side

    I don't recall the name of this one

      Or this one

          I'm sure you could Google this bridge to learn its history

       And one more where I don't remember the name