The Hendersons       2011 S2KDays Keystone, SD



This was our first S2KDays and we decided to see some other sites on the way. We headed north in Montana and drove the Going To The Sun highway through Glacier National Park. We had decided that as long as we were that far north we would see Waterton in Alberta as well.





We got to this piddly border crossing and the female Canadian officer greeted us. We have crossed into Canada often enough that I was not surprised when she asked,

"Are you traveling with a firearm?"

I responded, "No."

She turned to my wife and asked, "And you ma'am, are YOU traveling with a firearm?"

Mind you, we were in an S2000 with the top down and you could barely fit a firearm between our shoulders. How could one of us be traveling with and one of us without?

Mel responded, "No."

She turned back to me and asked, "Do you own a firearm?"

I was about to tell her it was none of her damned business, but I figured that if I did we would spend the rest of the month there. So I reponded, "Yes, I do."

She then asked, "And when you are traveling where is your firearm?"

By now I am wondering if I somehow resemble Osama bin Laden. I responded, "At home in our safe."

"Are you sure? Did you pack your car?"

This woman was obviously very lonely and rarely got to talk to people. "Yes, I did."

Make a note not to use this border crossing again.

       The Badlands


          We all know what this is

       They've got a long way to go

          These critters own the place

       Some very nice drives