The Hendersons       2013 S2KCA Coastal Tour



This was another one of Ray's tours - he really does a fantastic job. We gathered in Western Washington and drove down the Washington, Oregon and California coasts to Santa Rosa. Our route back was partly coastal and partly inland and included an interesting river ferry crossing in Oregon.

          We had five S2000s, a BMW, a VW and our Mustang

       Ray tried to start out top down, but that didn't last long

       We did drive out of the rain into some lovely weather

    The tintop people missed their convertibles

       Lots of grapes

       The Poppies were beautiful

       Dave lined us up and flew a photo recon sorty over us

       A covered bridge in Cottage Grove, OR

          The Wheatland Ferry crosses the Willamette River

I was on a run with the Morgan club and we planned to cross on this ferry. Unfortunately the river was so low and Morgan ground clearance is so little that we couldn't get the cars on the ferry.

       The mighty Columbia River seen from Vista House

Historic Route 30 runs along the Columbia and goes past Vista House as well as several water falls.

          Multnomah Falls along Route 30

A wedding party posed for photos on the bridge. A large boulder came loose and dropped into the pool below the bridge. The splash drenched the wedding party. At least nobody was injured.