The Hendersons       Flower Arrangements - Various Others



These are various other arrangements Mel created.


Carnation Birthday Cake

Carnation Birthday Cake - Top View

Roses and Gerbera Birthday Cake

Roses and Gerbera Birthday Cake - Close Up

Roses and Gerbera Birthday Cake - Top View

Centerpiece with Orange Roses

Choral Union Auction Centerpiece

Northwest Sinfonietta Gala 2010 Centerpiece

Roses and Carn Centerpiece

Roses and Carns Centerpiece - Close Up

Spring Flowers in a Watering Can

Fall Basket Using Sunflowers

Peony Close Up

Gerbera Arrangement

Gerbera with Galex Leaves

Rocking Chair and Hat

St. Mary's Memorial Garden Urns

Poms and Blue Marbles

Poms and Blueberries in a Cube