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Salt Lake City and Capital Reef

We continued on to Salt Lake City where we would stop for the night. Mel had never been to Salt Lake City and expected to see young Mormons freshly scrubbed and wearing creased trousers, white shirts and ties and carrying books. Instead we saw all sorts of weird hair colors, numerous tattoos and body piercings, and pairs of guys walking down the street holding hands. Seems we had arrived just in time for Gay Pride Week. In Salt Lake City??!!!

Neither of us care about other peoples' sexual preferences, but we have no sympathy for those who feel compelled to rub it in our faces. I don't care if it's a guy grabbing a handful of his girlfriend's cheek or a guy grabbing a handful of his boyfriend's cheek. I really don't wish to see it in public.

We continued south to Capital Reef National Park. We were getting into that part of Utah that is at fairly high elevation and knew that we could get fried in a hurry with the top down. We spent part of the time top down and part of it top up for self-preservation.

    The view as you enter Capital Reef

    A portion of the waterfold

    Interesting colors and textures on the cliff face


We spent the night in a funky old motel in Boulder, UT. On arrival we walked across the highway to the Anasazi Museum. The Anasazi were a very early native American people who had four major dwelling areas that were perfectly aligned on a particular longitude. Nobody knows how they did that. We were able to walk to dinner again, but it was a hike along the highway.

The next day would take us to Bryce Canyon National Park.

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