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Europe - 2001

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Chile - 2016

Travel is one of our great passions.  We have been blessed with many travel opportunities and take full advantage of them.  Fortunately, we are able to arrange a house-sitter and that allows us to take extended trips.  Between email, Skype, and a great international calling card, we are able to stay in touch with our house-sitter.  Ain't technology grand?

Way back when we traveled with two 35mm Pentax SLRs and several lenses. Eventually we replaced the Pentax gear with a Canon EOS. That evolved to a digital point-and-shoot camera and the Canon, and then to a Canon Digital EOS.  We have switched to two digital SLRs and have abandoned film.  We also take a laptop and maintain a journal of our travels as we go.

Some of the photos get embedded in the journal and the completed journal gets published. Our earliest journals were printed and color prints were placed in special pages. Once we went to digital cameras, the digital images were included in the printed journals.  Following our Costa Rica trip we decided we wanted to publish our journals on line and we setup our web site.  Some of our journals are shown by the maps to the right and left.  The countries we visited have been shaded on the maps.

We converted our earlier journals so that they could be published on the web site.  The collection now comprises a variety of trips, including three choir tours in Europe, driving trips in the U.S. and Canada and in New Zealand, and others.  Although we try to travel as much and as often as possible, some of those trips are really shorter 'getaways' that we don't document.

Click on a map to see the journal and photos.  When viewing a journal, click on the photos to the left to see different pages of that journal.  Those photos are in sequence from top to bottom.

Happy vicarious traveling!

Europe - 2002

New Zealand - 2004

Costa Rica - 2005

U.S. & Canada - 2006

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Europe - 2014

U.S. and Canada - 2015

U.S. - 2016