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2015 Pacific Northwest and Canada

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The Trip Home

We were in Vailmount just one night and then drove on to Kamloops where it was 110F in the afternoon. Fortunately we were there only one day also, then it was on to Harrison Hot Springs.

We had been to Harrison a number of times over the years. There is a very nice restaurant with a large dance floor for those into ballroom dancing (we are) and a band that plays music you can dance to. They also have a number of pools fed by the hot spring including one that is for adults only. We had arranged to meet DarrenGT (from the Mustang forum) and it was great fun to meet face-to-face.

Then it was back into the U.S. and onto a ferry to Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands and to Rosario Resort. We had never been there before so it was an interesting experience. I had remembered to lock my car with the key so I didn't get paged during the crossing to turn off my alarm. Been there done that. We enjoyed the crossing and the island, but the highlight was the next afternoon when we went out for a three hour sail.

The captain had me at the tiller of the 33' sail boat a good part of the time and at one point he decided to put up the spinnaker. Mel and I thought we heard something and I was sure it sounded like something large inhaling. We let the captain know and sure enough a minke whale surfaced off to the side of the boat. Mel was ready with the camera and got several shots including the one from which the pic below was cropped.


The 2nd of July was our final day on the road. We got back to the ferry landing in Anacortes, WA with 123 miles to go to get home and realized we should have done this trip clockwise rather than anti-clockwise. We had to go through Seattle during rush hour (which for Seattle is most of the time) and it took us four hours to get home.

Ah well, it was a great trip that covered some 2,150 miles. We averaged 29.5 MPG for the trip with one short stint at over 34. The Mustang was brilliant and the top was down most of the time. So now I have a convertible tan (tops of the thighs only) and we have lots of great memories.

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