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2016 Tour of Chile

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Getting There


San Pedro de Atacama

Vina del Mar



Puerto Varas


Getting There

Our trip to Chile had been reminiscent of our trip to southern Africa, in that it took a lot of time and reading and studying and searching for a travel agent who could put together the entire trip for us. We finally settled on where we wanted to go and (pretty much) what we wanted to see. In the end, it was an agent at the Olympia office of AAA who worked with us and the travel company. And, like the Africa trip, the travel company did an outstanding job of assembling all the parts of a flawless trip.

Friday - February 26

Our Chilean adventures started on Mel's birthday with the taxi drive to the Towne Center and a Puget Sound Express bus ride to SeaTac. We had checked in online for our Alaska flight to Dallas and had not noticed the note on our boarding pass that said TSA pre-check. This allows you to go through an expedited line to get to the TSA person who then sends you on through the scanner etc. etc. and allows you to not take off your shoes or your light jacket. The flight to Dallas was uneventful and our son Matt picked us up from the airport and took us to his home in Frisco, Texas. We had a couple of days with Matt and Lacey and our older son Tom before taking our flight to Santiago Chile.

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