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2016 US Trip and S2KDays

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Bonneville Dam & Boise

Montpelier & Park City

S2KDays in Durango

On To Riverside



And Back To Home


And Back To Home

Our B&B in Placerville was pretty nice, although it did have some deferred maintenance. The good news was that it had a ductless heat pump air conditioner that was very quiet, so we slept well.

We were able to walk to dinner at an Italian restaurant and the food and service were very good. We split an entree and had an appetizer before and it was just too much food. We concluded that in the future we should avoid the appetizer.

Breakfast was typical of a B&B, ample and very good. After breakfast we stopped at the Safeway and while I refueled Mel when in and bought lunch and some more mineral water. It had been so hot that we had finished all that we brought with us and some we had purchased at Trader Joe's in Phoenix.

We took the fast route through Sacramento and stopped for fuel in Medford, then continued to our hotel in Grants Pass. The desk clerk had invested enough in tattoos and body piercings to feed a family of four for several months, but the room was good.

My sister lives in Grants Pass and her birthday was coming up in a few days, so we surprised her and took her out to dinner. We had a good meal and lots of good conservation, then settled in for the night.

Saturday morning we were up early and had breakfast and checked out. We stopped at Safeway and Mel went in and bought lunch and we headed out on the last leg of our trip. We got home at 2:00 after covering almost 4,100 miles in 18 days.

It was a good trip with some real positives and a few negatives that were not that big a deal.

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