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2016 US Trip and S2KDays

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Bonneville Dam & Boise

Montpelier & Park City

S2KDays in Durango

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We left Riverside and drove up through the Palmdale and Lancaster area to avoid the Los Angeles basin. Talk about the lesser of two evils. The Palmdale and Lancaster area is some of the ugliest scenery you will ever encounter.

Our digs in Visalia, where we overnighted, were decent but the air conditioner was so noisy that I finally turned it off about 5:00 AM. Not a good night's sleep. At least dinner was good. The next morning we got back on the road and drove in to Sequoia National Park and found our way to the General Sherman tree. It is the largest living organism on earth by volume. There are trees that are taller and some that are bigger around, but it is the volume champ. There is a spot where you can view the tree and they have laid 'paver' stones in the size and shape of its trunk at ground level.

    You can see some of the outline beyond the bright area

It's a fair hike down to the tree but well worth it. The hike back up can get to you, since you are climbing and are at about 7,000' altitude. Here are a few more shots of the tree.


We left the park and continued to Mariposa. Tomorrow we will see Yosemite National Park.

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