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Montpelier and Park City

Our original itinerary included Jackson, WY, so we planned to stop in Montpelier, ID to visit the Oregon Trail Museum. Then we learned how expensive lodging is in Jackson, so we dropped that idea. I'm glad we didn't also drop Montpelier, even though it is a little out of our way. The drive over was fine and we arrived early enough to see the museum.

When we walked in we were greeted by Dave Adams, one of the docents. Dave asked if we wanted to go on the guided tour and we were delighted to do so. Dave was to be our wagon master on a trip back in time. He had been the Chief of Police here and was in law enforcement for 31 years. He took us through the various exhibits and explained the history and a lot of detailed information on the wagon trains and the people.

   Dave Adams - our wagon master

Dave told us that people earned about $150 a year in Missouri when the first settlers formed wagon trains to the Oregon Territory and they did so because they were given 160 acres of land when they got there, provided they worked it for five years. Also, women could own land which was not true elsewhere. The trip cost about $1,200 per person or more, so folks had to save a long time to earn the money. They had to have a prairie schooner and it would hold 1,500 pounds of food and supplies for the trip. It was pulled by oxen because they were cheaper and stronger than mules or horses and the Indians would not steal them because they were too slow.

The trip was some 2,000 miles and a wagon train had 100 wagons. The wagon master's wagon brought up the rear so he could repair things that broke down ahead of him. Between illness and accidents and hostile Indians, one in six people who started the trip would not finish it. The museum was great and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit there.

Dinner was another story. I had picked El Jaliciense because it had the best reviews and was just a block away. Have you ever heard of a Mexican restaurant that ran out of rice? The food was okay when it finally arrived, but it was really slow. The only bright spot was that I got to thank another policeman (an unfortunate customer) for his service. It has become my mission.

The next day's drive to Park City was a short one - only about 160 miles. We got to our B&B (very nice) and got checked in, then strolled down into the town. There was an open air market going on and we walked through part of it before finding a place to have lunch. We walked back down into town later for dinner and ate at Buona Vita. The food was excellent and the portions were large, but the service left a bit to be desired. From our room we could look down into the main part of town.

      Downtown Park City from our balcony

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