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On To Riverside

We left Durango Thursday morning and headed south into New Mexico and then into Arizona. We stopped just into Arizona at Window Rock and found a place where we could both take pictures and have lunch. Window Rock is, as the name implies, a large rock formation with a hole in it, much like the sights you see in Arches National Park. There is also a very large rock formation near the window and it has a small bush or tree growing near the top.


We continued on to Holbrook, AZ. There is no reason to ever go there again. Our accommodations were okay and the nearby restaurant was decent, but the town is ugly. It does have plaques in the sidewalk under the bus stop benches telling you that you are on the original Route 66.

The next day we drove on to Phoenix and checked into the Homewood Suites. Wow! The facility is really nice. Our room had a small kitchen with a full size fridge and a two burner cook top and a dish washer. We decided to make a trip to the nearest Trader Joe's and pick up supplies so we could cook in for the two nights we would be there.

While we were out the car's display reported 123 degrees. They can keep this place. We did get the supplies we needed and went back to our digs and went for a nice swim.

On Saturday we went to Apache Junction to visit a childhood friend of Mel's. Elaine and Don had lived in Montana and are now in Arizona. We had a nice visit and went out to lunch with them before returning to our hotel.

Sunday we continued on to Riverside and had a delightful two day visit with my daughter and grandson. My father had purchased a pair of RayBan Aviators decades ago and I still had them. They did not fit me that well so I went looking and found that they are still made, so I bought a pair and have used them during this trip. We took my father's pair down for my grandson. Before we left we took a photo of big Joe cool and little Joe cool.

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