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2016 US Trip and S2KDays

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Bonneville Dam & Boise

Montpelier & Park City

S2KDays in Durango

On To Riverside



And Back To Home



Mariposa is another one of those places we don't need to return to. Our room was very okay, although it the air conditioner was so noisy that we did not get a good night's sleep. We were able to walk to dinner at a local restaurant and then had breakfast at a local diner.

After breakfast we continued to the park and once again got a great return on my Golden Eagle pass (or whatever it is called). It seems like the parks have become more pricey, but that is okay.

Yosemite is stunningly impressive and the displays in the Visitors' Center were extremely well done. We were able to take a few photos, but for this park you need a really wide angle lens.


I stitched together a couple of photos to produce a panorama, but nothing can replace actually being there and looking up at these massive rock formations.

We left the park and continued to Placerville. Two more days and we'll be home, and we are ready.

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