The Hendersons       Our Food and Cooking





     Asparagus in Prosciutto
     Baked brie in puff pastry

Baked Goods
     Baking powder biscuits
     Our favorite coffee cake

     Hamburger Heaven
     Pasta e fagioli

     Kaulo - Greek lamb rolls
     Beef Stroganoff
     Spinach meatloaf

     Pappardelle w/stewed pancetta
     Pasta e piselli

     Chicken tettrazini
     Stilton chicken

     Chicken Milanese

     Chicken salad w/feta
     Curried chicken salad
     Nonna's potato salad
     Pesto salad dressing

We both love to cook and we both love a good meal, whether it is a good breakfast, a tasty lunch, or a delicious dinner. The kitchen in our home was dreadful when we moved in. Some of that was appearance (cheap cabinetry or do-it-yourself vinyl installation, complete with gaps), and some of it was function (a terrible layout and a cook top that was too high). So we developed our own design, selected our appliances, and had the kitchen gutted and rebuilt. It turned out even better than we had hoped and has been a source of a great deal of pleasure and, on occasion, of a few too many calories.

Our cooking and our taste in foods tends heavily to Italian, but overall is quite eclectic.  Some of our recipes are old family favorites that were handed down.  Others are of our own devising, either through imagination or as a result of recreation of meals we enjoyed in our travels.  We have organized some of our favorite recipes as shown in the menus.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Buon appetito!


Brie & cucumber baguette
               Pear & stilton baguette

               Cajun shrimp and potatoes
               Crab Cakes
               Grilled Shrimp w/Rosemary
               Prosciutto wrapped shrimp

          Side Dishes
               Risotto ai limone
               Risotto w/asparagus and mushrooms
Yorkshire Pudding

               Aunt Frances' soup

               Buttermilk soup w/fresh fruit
               Eton Mess
               Ice box cake

               Panna Cotta


               Aunt Frances's green beans
               Nonna's potato pancakes
               Roasted asparagus
               Roasted peppers